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Innocent High Review might seem like it's full of innocent high school chicks just from the name alone, but we can assure you that this website has nothing of the sort. These chicks are mean, nasty, and just downright foul with how slutty they can get to get extra credit or a better grade.
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We've all been in high school, and we all know how it can be a stressful experience when you're chasing that grade that you need. Luckily for these girls, though, life gave them a nice pair of tits and a giant ass to compensate for their absolute stupidity. These nasty chicks are here on earth to do only one thing well, and that's to ride a dick until their pussy falls out. You can tell that they're getting used to that kind of lifestyle from a very young age as they start seducing professors to get a better grade. You still don't mind watching them, do you?


Of course, you don't, and that's why you keep coming back to this website for more content every single time. And if you're new to the website, you can rest assured that the content on will be more than enough to satisfy you in every send of that word. There are a couple of hundred videos on here, but only about 150 are in full HD. It would help if you kept on the lookout for full HD content being released on here as time goes on, however. Just make sure that you don't give up on the site just because you managed to wank off to every single site that they have. There's always new and frequently uploaded content to be had on InnocentHigh.
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As with every TeamSkeet website, navigating Innocent High is pretty simple. First, you have to know where your scenes are, as well as where your models are. There are a couple of extra features that you need to be aware of, such as the possibility of having amazing pictures if you go to the pictures section of any given sex scene. Don't miss out on the pics cause they can be even better than the videos sometimes. And that's saying a lot because the videos on here are just so damn amazing. So anyway, feel free to explore the site using the simple and intuitive layout that you're probably used to from wanking on other porn sites as well.


Now, it's no secret that is a premium website and that you shouldn't expect to get away with free content on here. InnocentHigh only provides you with premium content for the price you pay, which can be anything from $10 to $30 a month, depending on which membership you end up getting. However, you should also know that you won't be getting just this website and its content. Oh hell no, you get way more than that in terms of content. You get every site in their network, including the main one. That's a lot of content to go through. We're talking about more than 30 sites just by getting a membership on Innocent High


There's no way of going around the fact that Innocent High is just worth it. Also, the fact that you can pay a dollar and have a trial for a few days speaks volumes to what kind of service you can expect. So get ready for some premium and exclusive content when you make your premium account on the fantastic high school porn website